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Minnesota WIFT Member Spotlight

Julie Rappaport, Smokin' Yogi Visions

I am from St. Louis Park, MN... just like the Coen brothers, Al Franken, and many many more... un-famous people

I got my start in the biz First round, 30 years ago... through Children’s Theater Company School, then ended there twelve years later after a company apprenticeship to go into suburbia and live the perfect wedded bliss story... Second round started last year, 2006, when I woke up and remembered where I left off in my life... I decided I was too old to start back at the bottom, so... I started my own company. I gave myself my first big break!

I am currently ON

  • line at
  • top of the world
  • a major roller coaster ride
  • top of my bills
  • not enough drugs according to medical advice

The project I am most excited about is ABNORMALLY NORMAL, our upcoming web-series finishing development and starting pre-production. We're breaking rules, waves, and boundaries in our concepts, practices and products. Our scripts are poignant, yet fun and we think the show is going to be mind-blowing. We hope it helps heal some suffering in the world and feel great about the feedback from those who've loved the demo-pilot's story and want more. We plan to work with many WIFT members and support those members' projects, as well.

In ten years I see myself being a wandering medicine woman, and philanthropist-going around the world and giving people the opportunity to live their purpose with optimal health, and help them make the world better-paying it forward, so to speak.

The best part about being a member of MN WIFT is meeting other women who are excited about working on projects with meaning, have incredible ideas and skills, and who want to be part of a supportive community... by helping others, we help ourselves.

I think we can strengthen the community of women in production by

  • supporting one another's efforts, whether through volunteering, hiring or recommending other women to work on projects together
  • teaching the skills we have to others
  • sharing our resources, whether ideas/feedback, contacts, equipment, funding sources, or knowledge
  • working with other groups in the production community to strengthen the foundation of resources, contacts, equipment, knowledge, skills, funding and distribution of our projects
  • sharing others’ projects with people we think would like them
  • creating a web-based distribution broadcast station of women's work that offers free and fee based productions to be put out as a continuously growing library of educational or spiritually uplifting content that is entertaining and informational

Let’s put our stuff out there and get the world as our audience! The more we put into something like this, and get others to notice it, the more it will grow... something like a YOUTUBE but a specialized community of women in production’s film

If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be... I think I'm right where I'm supposed to be... that feels great... thanks for making me think about that one.

Three people I would love to meet are His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Orson Wells (at the time when he made Citizen Kane), and Lileth.

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