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Yoga For Non–YOGINI’s
Handstand on stretch pad Group of people sitting on grass Stretching waist pushing up from floor Lifting baby in the air

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Length: 25 minutes

Julie’s degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Minnesota consisted of a Major Project designed to pull new interdisciplinary learning and prior learning with a public service element. Teaching Yoga for several years, Julie felt there was missing an element of getting everyday yoga to everyday people, as well as those who may never get a chance to be exposed to Yoga or those that are intimidated by its commercial appeal to the skinny gymnastic-style body.

Yoga is for EVERYONE at anytime of their life. Simple breathing techniques that can be practiced for FIVE to TEN BREATHS A DAY allow one to see a major difference not only in their breath capacity, but also in their general health and well-being.

The documentary simply offers the ideas of Yoga to incorporate slowly and easily into one’s daily routines without having to set aside huge chunks of time and energy dedicated to making it to a class, that when missed induce guilt and shame in many that they are not DOING what they “should” to get a good workout. YOGA is not about a good workout. It is about working the mind and body together, consciously, witnessing our breath, our feelings, and our patterns in order to break poor habits and create a higher health in mind, body and spirit. The body sculpting is a natural reaction to incorporating Yogic habits into one’s life. It is NOT a quick fix. It is all practice, as is life all practice.

Our bodies, minds and spirits can be likened to gardens. Yoga is that gardening, tending, witnessing, cultivating, weeding, nourishing, manifesting, harvesting, tilling and resting of our soils that hold all the elements needed to be human; spirit in form.

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