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Byte-Sized Yoga For Non-Yoginis
How many of us guilt ourselves that we don't get to that Yoga class or make a practice of practicing on a regular basis??

Part of my teaching Yoga is to inspire people to really understand the purpose of it:

To Open what was closed,
To Stretch our limitations,
To Reach beyond our Potential...
To Inspire (Breathe In) ,
To Release (Exhale as deeply as possible) that which holds us back,
And to create, by evolving, ourselves as our highest vibration of energy to offer out to the world.

This is no easy pilgrimage, this life. There are challenges to be overcome, wounds to heal, and joys to be graciously acknowledged.

Evolution requires metamorphis, or great change, likened to birth or death, shedding of one's skin (or appearance), or some major, life-changing catastrophic event that rocks our world.

By learning to name, and then skillfully wield, our innate powers, we learn to control our bodies and minds, and integrate spirit, or our higher purpose, to guide us through our conscious evolution.

Meet on-line daily for 1-2 min, for a short practice you can integrate throughout the day! Share this group with all your friends!
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