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Smokin' Yogi is currently in pre-production for a new web series, coming soon! Abnormally Normal is a life-affirming episodic musical dramedy — with strong elements of magic realism — that cleverly captures the exhilarating highs, the desperate lows, and all of the moments in between that describe the ever-evolving journey of family life, focusing especially on when its flow changes course with a divorce.  The production’s theme is:

“A Family Doesn’t Have to End Just Because a Marriage Does.”

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Full 25-minute DEMO

"Just Breathe"


Jenevive and Max always said that if they ever got divorced, they would do it differently than most. They would honor their 16-year marriage, as well as their eight-year-old daughter Judy, by remaining family. The series begins with Jenevive handing Max a “dear John” letter of divorce.

Told through each family member’s perspective, the story explores their flashbacks and dreams, and delves into the depths of their minds, where their personal “Council-in-the-Head” archetypes bicker and banter about which path to take in the current dilemma. Meanwhile, Angel shows up disguised as everyday people, guiding them with gentle philosophies.

Both central characters, husband and wife, are caught in the American Dream, repressed by the traditional roles laid out for them by society and confused by the contrast with their own, individual dreams. Judy, Eduardo, and Angel's worlds are intertwined in this journey of transformational shifts.

  • Jenevive is an attractive, quintessential super-mom of the ‘90s. She feels trapped in a sexless marriage and empty in a ‘perfect’ life over-filled with family, work, and extracurricular obligations.  She wants to live her own dreams, and yet she is conflicted by guilty feelings of selfishness and self-centeredness. Jenevive's Journey
  • Max is a handsome “catch”: perfect daddy, good husband, hard-working man with conservative values.  He has difficulty reconciling—and strongly resents—the disparate expectations presented by his wife versus the family business.  If he could, Max would be a stay-at-home Dad, but he is unwilling to play this non-traditional role and give up his comfortable lifestyle. Max's Maxims
  • Judy, 8 years old, is the only child of Jenevive and Max.  She is at once the inspiration to keep the family together as well as the source of her mother’s growing envy—Judy’s special bond with her father as “Daddy’s girl” fuels Jenevive’s resentment towards a husband who has no attention left to offer. Judy's Juice
  • Heaven-sent Eduardo is the timely catalyst to Max’s unaffectionate and conventional self, appearing to take Jenevive “away from it all.”  This passionate treasure hunter’s dark secrets, however, overshadow the potential for a bright future for all. Eduardo's Compass
  • Angel, newly-winged, has been appointed to guide this family in her own journey to attain the skill of flight. Illuminating lessons that might be missed, her various personas sprinkle messages of universal consciousness and weave harmony during these ‘shifting’ times. Angel's Angle

For more information, download the film's OneSheet.

Once we've hit our funding Green Light, production will begin within six to eight weeks. Pre-production breakdowns finished, casting needed, keys and crew needed, rehearsal and choreography needed. We are currently interviewing for key positions and auditioning for ABNORMALLY NORMAL'S first season!

Smokin' Yogi is accepting resumes for the following:

• Directors
• Publicist
• Talent
• Crew

Send resumes to info(at)smokinyogi(dot)com.

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